School Time -Table Software

Time management is very important to run any organization smoothly. Teachers usually spend a lot of time in timetable management. The timetable is a basic entity to create and manage schedules in school. The school timetable software provides efficient, customized time table schedule for school time and examination time. eduWare provides things like shift information and lecture duration pre structure. Generate schedules for all staff members for various classes of associated courses on a particular day and periods. Changes can be easily made in the timetable when necessary situation. The eduWare school software directly connects with our online web portal so parents and students can be seen time table of school and exam schedules any time.



Module benefits

  1. Design Timetable For Class
  2. Allow Break Between Periods
  3. Customized Holiday Timetable
  4. Create a Time Table For An Exam
  5. Schedule Staff And Courses Timetable
  6. eduWare Reduce Paperwork And Save Time
  7. Schedule Activities For a Week In Periods
  8. Time Table Automatically Updates On Web Portals
  9. Schedule Or Rearranges Time Table On Single Click
  10. Anytime a User Can Edit Or Delete Time Table Schedules