School Data Management Software

In any organization with plenty of data need to manage in a way which reduces redundancy and duplication. School information software provides a user-friendly solution to manage data efficiently on some clicks. eduWare is basically designed for collecting data about concern staff and student in school. School database module allows adding, updating and deleting data, provision of student and employees. School database module also allows managing different data of allowances and deductions for different staff members. This school record software can use easily to search student and their data using various filters. Data management module stores all information in a central database which can be extracted as per requirement. Students, employees, as well as student parents’ academic and personal both data, can be stored in eduWare.

In the school maintain student data is quite difficult for the teachers as well as a school administrator for the record and store the details of each student but eduWare solve this problem in some clicks. Just enter the data and store it when ever you want any particular data of student click on the name of the student or GR No you can get the all the details.

Module benefits

  1. Backup Data Facility
  2. Simply Add, Edit And Delete Any Data
  3. Password Protected Database Management
  4. Import Data In Excel As Well As Word File
  5. Available Student Emergency Contact Records
  6. Centralise Data Management For Multiple School
  7. Current And Previous Employee/Student Data Available
  8. Easy Tracking The Student Scholastic And Personal Details
  9. Various Filters like Number, Division, Standard For Student Data
  10. Generate Student And Staff Discipline Data Based On Respective Id