The school management system is not at all a tedious task as earlier because many schools are well managing their entire administrative activities by using the best school management software. An efficient school management system has to keep all the players of the school connected.

Mobile phones are the perfect way to stay connected and here we applied “the realm of mobile phones” in the school management system.

We have accomplished advancement in the school management software through “eduWare” which is a unique software for schools named as “THE PARENT MOBILE APPLICATION” which manages all the activities in a speed, systematic and an orderly way. This application will be one of your pre-requisite these days for one who wants to manage information efficiently and most of all it is user-friendly.


eduWare – School Management System

By using eduWare your school can manage all elements of school management system including students, courses, exams and teachers, employees.

Student Parent App

Best web-based school management system

It is convenient, cost-effective and allows the user to access it from any place but one has to ensure the network connectivity. eduWare is the best web-based school software application for managing your educational institute.


A Unique feature of eduWare – School Management Software

One of the main advantages of eduWare school management software is offering a school management system personalized by your own school and it is a big stepping stone for eduWare school management system towards achieving high levels of trust and loyalty from the niche.


Features of eduWare – School Management System

  • It’s easy to use, affordable, flexible and scalable.
  • It saves a lot of time for the teachers and parents.
  • Instant availability of reports.
  • Data migration from a different type of file is possible.
  • It is highly secured and backup of data can be done.
  • Fast implementation.
  • Only minimal training is required.
  • Multiple dashboards which are picturesque.
  • Easy to identify the applications instantly.
  • It can be personalized as per the requirement of the school.



As the name “THE PARENT MOBILE APPLICATION” implies one can easily guess it keeps the parent, student, teachers connected through mobile phones. It’s so simple to use this app, a no-brainer and absolutely facile.

This app in the school management system makes all the activities of the school transparent and creates a good image of the school in society. As many tasks are simplified with a few clicks, the teachers can use their time productively.



  • Parents are updated with every activity of the school.
  • Parents can view the Rank and result of the student.
  • Multiple accesses are also possible for parents’ more than one child.
  • Comparison of the performance of the student.
  • The teachers can send Academics reports, Co-Scholastic marks, and various other reports.
  • Updation of any parent-teacher meetings.
  • Instant notification of the student’s absence from school and other notifications to the parent.
  • It’s highly secured with user name and password for each student.
  • Allows taking prompt decision by the parent as well as a teacher.


We are completely boasted and consider developing such unique feature in the school management software as one of our greatest professional achievement and the recognition you give back to eduWare will tend us to achieve greater heights which will ultimately help the school community and therefore an efficient school management system.