A school management system helps the schools in digitalizing all the administrative activities of a school or group of schools.eduWare school management software has put some icing on the cake by managing the resources of your school. In the long run, administrators are concerned about the resources of the school which are very crucial and predominant which needs utmost care.

The school ERP software has almost facilitated all the teacher’s tasks resulting in a streamlined paperless system. Now the schools have started ploughing their money in the software that manages resources as well, all with an objective to make their schools as a pedant in the school community. Here are some of the resources which eduWare school management system manages in an ideal way.

1. Staff – You have no time? Try eduWare and go excited!

One of the most important resources of a school is the staff. We state repeatedly, with eduWare software

the routine tasks of staff like

  • Marking attendance
  • Communicating with the parent
  • Keeping them updated with every activity of the school

and tedious tasks like

  • Preparing report cards and ranks
  • Preparing syllabus
  • Consolidating results

has been made all easy that the teachers can complete in no time. The end result of this is making use of the important resource in a fruitful way because the staffs have an extended time to concentrate more on the academic part.

2. Hostel – Your ward is here? Get relaxed!

Needless to say, the role of the school ERP in hostel management is predominant. Even now some of the schools are maintaining registers to

  • Update the warden details
  • Hostel students attendance
  • Assets in the hostel such as beds, cupboards, chairs, tables, etc

which is a task that is time-consuming for the teachers who stay in the hostel.

When you are managing a group of hostel its really the toughest way of record keeping. eduWare allows managing a hostel more effectively by

  • Updating the number of floors in a hostel
  • Number of beds in a room
  • Students in a particular room
  • Assets of the hostel
  • The visitors who met the students on a particular day and much more.

In this way, a school can manage a hostel or group of hostels in a precise way and keep the parents in a satisfying mode, students in a safer mode and you administrators in a relaxed mode.

3. Library – Want a book? No more queue!

In school days it’s really not easy to locate a notebook from your school bag when a teacher asks you immediately to take it out. Now, how come will it be that easy for a librarian who maintains and issues a number of books to the students on a particular day? The onus lies on the librarian in case of any loss or damages to the books. eduWare helps the schools with library management software where the librarian will be amazed to manage

  • The number of books with their names
  • Author’s name
  • The issue date
  • The return date
  • The due date on which the book has to be returned
  • Adding new books in the library all with just a few clicks.

4. Transport – Only on roads? Now in your desktop!

Again transport is one of the toughest parts to be managed these days. eduWare helps the schools in pinpointing the details of the

  • School vehicle with its number
  • The seating capacity
  • The driver who drives a particular vehicle
  • The route through which the vehicle travels
  • The school can even update the change in the route in case of an emergency
  • Instant notification to parents or guardian via SMS
  • Auto Fee calculation based on the distance
  • Adding a vehicle in case of any new purchase by the school.

Many schools will find this as an irresistible management app as this is concerned with the safety of the students which is very challenging.

5. Inventory – Want to check the inventory? No need to visit the storeroom. Just a few clicks are enough

Inventory management is one of the critical tasks in school because it has to be ensured that the stationeries does not fall short any time. So continuous supervision is needed for ensuring its availability. Deciding who takes key inventory control decisions in order to avoid chaos is again a big delegation of duty between the staffs and cannot be solved once for all and requires continuous effort else they become a serious problem which can even have an impact in the profit of the schools.

This application helps in managing the inventory along with the

  • Details of the vendor of the school
  • Purchase order
  • Goods Received Note
  • Items in stock

By implementing this school ERP the problem of inventory management is removed altogether and the end result is efficiency.

Finally, eduWare has set the Thames on fire by creating such school management software which helps the schools in a greater extent in record keeping with ease and accuracy thereby investing their time in working out the vision and mission of the school.