The majority schools of this age are progressively more are adopting an automated student fees management system. There are a lot of fine reasons why schools must implement the strategy of collecting payments via fee management system. It is highly recommended that all types of school whether public or private must espouse automate fee collection management software and earn greater revenue by saving 90% of manual processes which are also error-prone.

School fee management software is capable enough to solve a number of problems for schools and foster parents to keep a track of fee paid in real time. The hassle of manually recording and calculating on sheets of paper gets eliminated. By deploying the fee accounting and financial management software user can make use of the recent technological tools to get in touch with various departments such as finance, admission, hostel, transport, library and more. This will cause wider engagement and enhanced efficiency in educational institutions with greater synchronization of data on fee collections. Even information about student’s paid as well as unpaid fees can be accessed on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android from anywhere and anytime, far from the campus.

eduWare School Fee Collection Software

Let’s check out some of the benefits of choosing automated fee management software:

Very User-friendly

By using automated software into your system fees can be collect just in few steps. It also offers users easy dashboard navigation to collect fees by enabling fee processing in a paperless environment.

High Security

Fee automation software is extremely safe with simple account management and role-based access control in a multi-user environment in order to prevent error and discrepancies.

Generate Fees Reports

The fees management software helps in generating various types of fees reports such as term fee, semester fees, tuition fees, miscellaneous fees. It will also track remaining and unpaid student fees details.

Real-Time Notifications

The students and parents will be updated on fee payments with real-time notifications, reminders, messages, SMS alerts, emails, and more.

Highly Customizable & Flexible

The student fee management software help in personalizing fee structure depending upon student’s unique requirements with the capability to define discounts, edit or add fees, and collect penalties without any problem.

Maintain Transparency  

Whether the fee is collected via cash or cheque, the management is done with full transparency and the system will seamlessly track doubtful and fake transactions.

Holistic Account Management

Have a complete profile of students including demographic information, parent information, and contact details. Schools can have an easy tracking system for admission, hostel, library, and other activities fees in student accounts.

Remember, choosing fee management software for your educational institute is a vital step for the schools to improve fee collections and boost revenue. The school leaders do understand the importance of such smart software that enables administrators to simplify fee collection like creating fee structures based on several combinations and choices of every student, collecting payments, receipts generation, and keeping track of these records in real-time. Such pioneering fee collection software decreases the workload of staff and helps the educational institutions to operate smoothly with the highest level of effectiveness.