Student Admission Software

The admission process is very difficult to be managed by the school admin but when you are using eduWare school management software, a school can easily maintain whole admission procedures with paperless and time-saving. Student admission is a mandatory part of any school. Admission module provides a student admission process in four simple steps which are Form collection, Registration confirmation, fee collection and admission confirmation.

Student admission software basically provides easiness to collect data about each and every student at the time of admission. The student’s academic and personal data with required documents can be easily added, scanned and stored in eduWare. You can also generate the fee receipt or various miscellaneous fees in advance at the time of student admission.

Module benefits

  1. Cash And Cheque Payment Mode
  2. Easily Maintain Bulk Student Data
  3. Print Fees Receipt By Pre Defined Fees Structure
  4. Anytime Add The Previous School Information
  5. For Better Identity Parents Photos are captured By Webcam
  6. Admission Merit list Creation is Possible In a Precise Way
  7. Capture Photo Of Student By Web Camera At the Time Of Admission
  8. Automatic generation of General Register For Any Number Of Students
  9. Easy Retrieval Of Data And Report Generation In An Efficient Manner
  10. Accurately manages all academic And Non-Academic Data Of Students

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