School Staff Management Software

school employee management module helps to manage data about employees flawless and precisely manages employees leave and salary information. An employee can be categorized according to the designation and job category. Employee details and additional information can be extracted on a single click in the eduWare employee management module.

Employee leaves, allowances and deduction information can be managed precisely in staff management module. All data of employee can be available on a single click. Extraction of staff details or attendance or any required documents of staff members.

Module benefits

  1. Staff Leaves Can Maintain Accuracy
  2. Teachers Proxy Can Arrange As Per Schedule
  3. Simple And Easily Generate Employee Identity Card
  4. Save Ex Employees Or Transferred Employee Details
  5. Easily Calculate Staff Salary And Challan
  6. Employee Photo Can Be Imported Through Software Or Webcam
  7. Add Teacher’s Syllabus With Date, Subject, Chapter And Status
  8. Customize Calculation Of Allowances And Deduction For Staff Employee
  9. Documents required by Staff can be easily Scanned And Saved In eduWare Software
  10. Generate School Staff Pay Slip, Salary, Attendance, PF And Leave Reports