Parent Application

The eduWare parent app is a very useful application for the parent who is not getting regularly updated about their child. The eduWare parent app is easily accessible in the Google Play store so anyone can download on their smartphone.

The eduWare parent app is accessible or log in through username and password which are given by the school management. Simply select school name and select school section then enter student GR number and password.

When parent login into application first screen will appear about their child’s details like student GR no, name, school name, standard, division, and education medium.

There are 5 options available in footer namely student details, attendance, co-scholastic result, notice board, and Graph reports. A parent can see their child’s attendance and absent details. The parent gets the student attendance report by simply selecting a session and a month.

Teachers update students, co-scholastic result through CCE App as well as school software and it is automatically updated in the app. When a parent select co-scholastic option parent seen their child co-scholastic result details like attitude and value, health and a physical result, life skills, creative skills etc.

Module benefits

  1. Graphical Report
  2. Easily Access Child Data
  3. Access To Student GR Number
  4. Co-Ordinate With Parents Directly
  5. Easily Updated By School Management
  6. A Parent Can See Their child’s Results
  7. Parents Can See Their child’s Absent Details
  8. A Parent Can Compare Their child’s Result With Another Student
  9. Parent Can see Their child’s Co-Scholastic Activities Result
  10. Parent Application Is Very Useful For A Parent To See Their child’s Activity