Bulk SMS / Email For School Software

There are chances of occurrence of a disaster or emergency situation at the time of school and management needs to communicate the parents immediately. eduWare provides one of the best ways to communicate with them through bulk SMS and voice SMS.

School can send SMS about the absence of a particular student to their parents. Greeting messages can be sent on a birthday. Whenever some emergency lockdown situations, daily information updates, change of schedule for a sports team, events or school buses, weather-related scheduling changes, etc occurs the school can send bulk SMS to the parents instantly.

Module benefits

  1. Student Birthday Wish By SMS
  2. No Phone Calls Maintenance
  3. Prepare Messages In Advance
  4. Voice SMS Option Puts More Efficient Way
  5. Mass Communication Is Possible By Email Or SMS
  6. Send Unlimited Number Of Messages For Any Situation
  7. Create Unlimited Number Of Email lists From Any Report
  8. Parents Get Instantly Update About Their Child Absence In Class
  9. Change In Schedule For Particular Event Can Be Informed SMS Quickly
  10. Send SMS For Parent-Teacher Meetings, Result Information And Other Activities