School Account Management Software

Financial management is the most tedious task in any organization. Account management is one of the most important parts of financial activity. The eduWare school accounting software provides an efficient solution for account management using various functions like day book, bank deposit/withdrawal, credit/debit note and payment. Accounting software stores and manages all data regarding the bank transaction as well as student fee collection or any expenses. The voucher and imprest money details, total expense and income are available and managed precisely by eduWare accounting software module. The eduWare school accounting software easily maintains student billing details, employee expenses, school expenses and completely cover the financial activities

Module benefits

  1. 80g Receipt Generation Of Scholarship
  2. Efficiently manages Total Expenses And Income
  3. Accurately And Securely Maintain Bank Details
  4. High Level Of Data Security And Complete Data Storage
  5. Daily Transactions Detail Shown In The Day Book Module
  6. All Financial Accounts Easily Export To Tally Software
  7. Manage Accounts like Assets, liabilities, And Expense etc.
  8. Any Time Modifies The Accounting Structure Or Any Data
  9. Generate General Vouchers, Fee Receipts, Bank Slip, Salary Slip etc.
  10. The Voucher Can Be Created As Well As Maintenance Of Voucher Details Easily