• School Administration

    School Administration

    The school administration module is most important part of school. Manage school day to day activities is very difficult for the school administration department.

  • Admission Process

    Admission Process

    Admission module provides a student admission process in four simple steps which are Form collection, Registration confirmation, fee collection and admission confirmation.

  • Fee Collection

    Fee Collection

    Maintain finance of school is very difficult for the school also fees collection of student is the most important responsibility for the school.

  • Student/Staff Attendance

    Student/Staff Attendance

    Attendance taking and tracking is time consuming and tiring task in school. In many school attendance marking still performed manually, and there is a greater chance of error to fill student attendance.

  • Data Managements

    Data Managements

    In any organization with plenty of data need to manage in a way which reduces redundancy and duplication. School information software provides a user-friendly solution to manage data efficiently on some clicks.

  • Student Details

    Student Details

    Student data are the main element for any educational institute. The eduWare student management software provides better bulk data storage of student with easiness.

  • Employee Details

    Employee Details

    A school employee management module which helps to manage data about employees flawless. Precisely manage employee’s leave and salary information. An employee can be categorized according to designation and job category.

  • Account Management

    Account Management

    Financial management is the most tedious task for any organization. Account management is one of most important part of financial activity.

  • HR Management

    HR Management

    HR management is a core part of any organization to handle human resources. eduWare HR management module provides efficient, accurate functionality which is managed by HR of the organization.

  • Time Table Design

    Time Table Design

    Time management is very important to run any organization smoothly. Teachers usually spend a lot of time in timetable management. The timetable is a basic entity to create and manage schedules in school.

  • Examination


    The examination is the most important academic activity to evaluate the student ability and performance. eduWare includes a wide-range of processes from exam timetable arrangement to the creation of progress reports of students.

  • Bulk SMS / Email

    Bulk SMS / Email

    There are chances of occurrence of the disastrous or emergency situation at that time of school and management need to communicate student parents at the same time so for this Best way to communicate.

  • School Transport

    School Transport

    Now a day’s school provides transportation facilities to the student for their better security and manage the school time.

  • Various Utilities

    Various Utilities

    eduWare software provides various other utilities like a calculator, notepad, data backup facility etc. In utilities, there are various settings available for fees, SMS, salary, attendance, transport etc.

  • Reports


    The outcome of any product is the most important thing because it will directly relate to the user. The eduWare school software generates an outline of all modules in the form of reports.

  • cceapp

    cce app

    eduWare-CCE result app is an approach for making eduWare more user-friendly, easy to use, portable and at the same time helps in reducing the burden of the teacher.

  • parent_portal

    parent portal

    Now a day’s use of the Internet is very rapidly used by the people. eduWare creates an online web portal for the student and mainly for the parents.

  • parentapp

    parent app

    The eduWare parent app is a very useful application for the student parent who is not getting regularly updated about their child.