What is a School Software?

The school management system was engineered with the mind of offering schools the power to manage admissions, attendance, discipline, health, lunchroom, report cards, student fees, time table, transcripts and much more. These school softwares provides complete detailed data on a particular student.

How Does The Parent Portal Work?

Each student is given login details (username and password), which are provided to the parents and teachers as well. Likewise the teachers or parents, when they wish, can see the data relating to the child. This software also has an online webprotal dedicated to parents.

The parent online web portal gives secure access to see when they want on important matters like: the child’s report cards, attendance, schedule and their e-portfolio from any web browser. With this portal a two way connection is created between the schools and families as both the families and schools can share information related to the student directly, from anywhere.

The parent online web portal is specially created by eduWare with parents in mind, who are very particular about their students’ progress, and also who are too busy to keep a watch on what their children’s activities and overall performance at school. The software connects directly to the online system, allowing easy uploading of the student data anytime, anywhere. The data can be easily be obtained offline as well, though the management software.

Online Parents Web Portal Benefit:

  • Allows them to see how many days their child Absent, that also dates wisely
  • The parents can see the results online of all the exams, ideal for busy parents
  • They can view any notice on the Display Notice Board to view important announcements
  • Holiday details allowing the parents to make plans accordingly
  • Online class timetable allows the parents to know when their child has a lecture
  • Compare results with other students through graphical reports
  • The students’ performance can also be measured
  • Get automatic data transfer from the school management software
  • The parent gets easy access with id and password facility, reducing the manual work of coming to school to get information on their child’s performance