In this era of Information Technology, computers have become a basic necessity for every business. It is an essential tool for the management of the complex database. Schools, alike big corporate houses, also record management and accounting data and also require content management solutions to be able to effectively execute the day-to-day academic activities. School Management and Accounting System is a comprehensive web enabled school management system specially designed for effective management of school activities at all levels. It minimizes the manual time and efforts exhausted on school management and administrative duties and maximize the time their students deserve.

The primary aim of this unique school software is to perform the core administrative activities of small, medium and large schools. This user-friendly software can be customized to adapt to a school’s management system. It can generate bi-lingual (Arabic and English) reports suitable for school located in UAE, Dubai, and Arab-Gulf and Middle-East regions. Its benefits to the administration as well as to students and their guardians are never-ending.

School Management System is an advanced technology that ensures the easy availability of accurate data in a short span of time. It records core student related activities like keeping a track of their personal details, admission details, academic performance, attendance record, fee payment details, medical history, bus route-maps, course curriculum, class time-tables and exam schedules. Useful information regarding the ex-students and terminated students can also be recorded using this management system. This remarkable school software improves student-teacher and teacher-parent relationship and enables parents to track their child’s overall school performance. It allows parents to communicate with their child’s subject teachers, take and give proper feedback, share student-related problems and tips to improve their bad performance.

Apart from basic student information, school staff data and complex accounting data can also be managed very easily. Salary checks and invoice printing, credit note entries, fee collection details, fee receipt generation and statement of bank accounts are few of the many functions of this school software. School management system speeds up the exam evaluation process and thus helps generate accurate exam results. Schools can generate customized reports based on age, gender, course streams for the use of analysis and implement effective strategies to overcome the problem, if there are any.

Strictly in compliance with the requirements of Education Ministry, this exclusive school software is carefully designed to maintain the high confidentiality of student and school-related data. School Management System provides your academic institution with ultimate benefits, saves time and most importantly, money that could have been wasted in purchasing multiple software to manage multiple tasks at school.