Automation has stormed into our lives to a great extent; today almost every task is mechanized or computerized. Especially the tasks that are routine, clerical in nature are highly recommended to be mechanized, though many intelligent tasks and tasks requiring discretion are also being computerized, thanks to the brilliance of human brain. There is a code written for the toughest situations and problem also. As such there are many tasks, some clerical and some requiring application of intelligence, need to be accomplished in managing a school. School management software can best help educational institutes in managing routine clerical nature jobs with low cost and less time spent.

Modern day schools have students from a wide geography and are assigned to many divisions, departments, and branches of science and technology improve. The huge number of enrollments at these various and diverse programs requires a lot of clerical work to be done. Right from filling up of admission forms to enrolling in classes and tracking their performance etc, many administrative tasks needs to be carried out. Such tasks most of the time requires repetition of data with a name or class/division change, which is not only a monotonous job but also results in the wastage of money and time resources for the management. Software for schools is so designed to make these jobs, easy, fun filled and also help management reduce cost and time spent on these duties.

The Advantages and Features of eduWare School Management Software

Complete Automation Of Processes And Tasks: Most of the tasks required to be performed in managing a school can be computerized and performed with more accuracy, and with security. For admissions, while enrolling new candidates, manually entry of the data of new joiners would be difficult as the numbers would be huge, and also enrollments would happen for different classes, section would make the job even difficult, but with the school software entering the data is as easy as any other form of data entry, as you need to select drop down box and check the appropriate class/division etc. Including issuance of photo ids etc is taken care of by the software.

Management And Administration Of Multiple Branches: For schools with multiple branches spread over a city or over a region, the software makes it easy to have the information of all the branches and manage them efficiently. It also helps management in accounting and other finance related functions to better manage the resources and finds of the school.

Better Communication Between The School, Parents, Teachers And Students: The software can help better communication possible between management, students and teachers, so the progress of students can be tracked and improved with coordinate efforts. Ex; Voice SMS and bulk SMS facility are provided for fee collection and attendance etc.

Tracking The Performance Of Students: The software helps the management, teachers, parents and students to track the performance of students in different subjects, tests and on many parameters and also to help prepare better for future with as all the reports with marks and grades displayed in graphs and pictures.

eduWare school software is a best school management system available. The software was developed in consultation and discussions with many experts from the field of school management and administration. As such the software is not only powerful form a technical point but also has strong features to better help all the parties involved like Management, students, teachers and parents. The software has been helping many schools in improving their overall performance with many clerical tasks computerized and the most important task of child education being prioritized.