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eduWare Launch New Social Media Optimization Services For School

Now a day’s social media is most important for each and every human being. People now connect with social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Goole+, LinkedIn etc. are most well known social media sites. Generally now people are promoted to their services or product through the social media sites. In the era of mobile technology education level is also high. Educational…
February 24, 2015|Category : School Software

Total School Management Systems under One Roof

With the augmentation in usage of Android smart phones, technological software application and portals, Arth Infosoft software development company has developed school software, namely eduWare which is trying to create another dimension in the education sector. Utilizing technology as a strategic source for faculty, staff, parents and students is essential for education institutions to thrive in the 21st century. It…
December 2, 2014|Category : School Software

Online Web Portal Easier Way To Get Information To Your Child’s Performance

What is a School Software? The school management system was engineered with the mind of offering schools the power to manage admissions, attendance, discipline, health, lunchroom, report cards, student fees, time table, transcripts and much more. These school softwares provides complete detailed data on a particular student. How Does The Parent Portal Work? Each student is given login details (username…
June 9, 2014|Category : School Software

School Management Software eduWare Revolutionize to School

The concept of education has witnessed a major tectonic shifts over the past few years and to keep up with the trend, many schools have also upgraded the way they used to operate. Today, schools are not simply a premise to study, rather it has become a reliable place for grooming the children in the most effective manner. Although the…
February 18, 2014|Category : School Software

Student Performance Tracking Made Easy with eduWare Online Application

Performance tracking is a major function of modern day schools to improve and better overall results. In the world of computers, that we live in today, online student result applications helps track the performance better. In a highly competitive world where the need, pressure, and attraction to acquire more and more skills are common, it becomes essential that you monitor…
January 7, 2014|Category : School Software

eduWare School Software for All Round Easy Administration of Schools

Automation has stormed into our lives to a great extent; today almost every task is mechanized or computerized. Especially the tasks that are routine, clerical in nature are highly recommended to be mechanized, though many intelligent tasks and tasks requiring discretion are also being computerized, thanks to the brilliance of human brain. There is a code written for the toughest…
December 14, 2013|Category : School Software

School Management Software for Easy Administration of Schools

In the modern day, society education has become ever more important. Providing quality and effective education is on top of every school's priority list. The number of students enrolled at any educational institute, school, or college is huge. It is a mammoth task to manage and maintain records of such a huge number of students. School management system has come…
November 26, 2013|Category : School Software

School Management Software With SMS Facility – eduWare

Sending mobile messages from your computer is a great way for higher and primary schools to reach out to each student fast and affordable, with price from low. SMS service providers can help you save hundreds if not thousands of Rupees on printing and stationery materials. You often need to contact a students' parent but never been able to contact…
January 18, 2013|Category : School Software

How Schools in UAE are Benefit from School Management System

In this era of Information Technology, computers have become a basic necessity for every business. It is an essential tool for the management of the complex database. Schools, alike big corporate houses, also record management and accounting data and also require content management solutions to be able to effectively execute the day-to-day academic activities. School Management and Accounting System is…
July 16, 2012|Category : School Software

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