Now a day’s social media is most important for each and every human being. People now connect with social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Goole+, LinkedIn etc. are most well known social media sites. Generally now people are promoted to their services or product through the social media sites.

In the era of mobile technology education level is also high. Educational institutions also now promoting themselves through television, radio, hoardings as well as internet. Promoting through social media is now a day’s most popular promotional medium. If any parents want to find the best school in the particular city they will search on the internet through Google or any other search engine. Social media is also helpful to promote the education institute.

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Facebook is most popular and number one social media. Students as well as their parents also connect with Facebook. If we create a school account, we will publish photos, information’s, events etc on a regular basis. Public will be like school pages and they are aware about the school activities. Now twitter is 2nd most popular social media. Very well known celebrities are on tweeter and they are tweeting their thoughts. We create a school account on twitter and maintain school banding. Then Google + which is 3rd most popular social media platform. We create your school map listing on Google map as well as we create your Google page so whenever who are searching regarding school they getting your school result as well as.

eduSMO also provide blogs, classifieds, bookmarking and various relevant profile creations of your school. eduSMO provide below services in SMO.

  • Establishing LinkedIn profiles, groups, connections, ads, updates and management
  • Developing Twitter accounts, campaigns, tweets and management
  • Creating and integrating YouTube videos
  • Establishing Facebook pages, ads, updates and management
  • Enhancing or developing an active company blog, posts and management
  • Implementing online forums, bulletin boards or message boards
  • Boost Your Images and Profiles

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